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Privacy Policy


This site is run and operated by company Ori- Ya. “Our site” is a virtual store where you can purchase products. Customer service is available for people surfing the web. This policy will become legal for anyone using our site, and will be the legal base for any disagreement that may rise between you and Ori-Ya. Because of this you are advised to please read through the policy. Surfing our site and or buying
will show your agreement to the policy.

Sales Information:

Ori-Ya allows you to buy products in an easy quiet way, and with attractive prices. There are a few
different buying options. Every item we sell is on a sales page, which includes the name and item number.
In order to place an order, first choose your product. Next you will be asked to fill out your personal details. Your order is now complete.

For your order to be processed quick and efficiently please verify that all your details are correct.
After you place an order we will verify you're meted of payment your order will be complete once we get
an authorization.

Please note that when you place an order on our website you will automatically be added to our mailing list.
If we do not have your item in stock you will be notified what are your options.

Please be advised: Giving over false information is a crime.

In the event that your order will not be authorize you will be notified and you will need to contact us by phone to complete your purchase.

The turnaround time will begin only once we receive an approval for you're meted of payment. If we do not receive authorization within 10 days, your order will be cancelled.

Selling Process:

The buyer chooses an item and continues to check out.
The buyer could choose to give his payment information details by phone. To do this you must complete the purchase, and at checkout choose the option to be contacted by one of our sales reps.
The purchase will be complete only once your order has been completed over the phone.

Turnaround time:

We are obligated to send your order to the provided address.
We are obligated to supply the item, which was fully paid for as follows:
We will not be responsible for any late shipment or non-shipment that was caused by natural causes. The policy of the Post office with whom we send our items will apply to every shipment. In case the buyer chooses a different carrier their policy will apply.
The shipping does not include taxes that may be added to the total according to the country that you are in.

If you want to cancel something after the items were already sent you must send back the item in its original package whole and without damage.
Customer Service:
If you have any questions about products that you see on our website please contact us.
You can contact us direct at
Phone in the US Toll Free: 1-866-585-4380

Phone in Israel:  +972-4-8404111 
Fax +972-4-8709888
Email office@or-ya.com
Our reps will be glad to help you with any question that pertains to the buying process or with any other question in order to make your purchase pleasant, easy and quick.

A service to those using the site:

Everyone is allowed to use the site and purchase goods based on the following policy.
The user can make transactions that are law binding. If you are under 18 or you cannot make legal purchases without a guardian, your use of the site will be as if you have their permission.

Privacy Policy:

In order to make a purchase you should provide us with your name, address, email, phone, and meted of payment information. We use the proper precautions to keep your privacy. When you give us you're meted of payment information over the net it is secure.
Cancellation policy:
The buyer can cancel the purchase at any time based on the buyer protection act 1981
It should be done in handwriting by fax or email 24 hours a day.

Please note: Your order can be canceled only when you return the item in its original packaging and that it is whole without damage of any kind.

We are allowed to cancel the purchase if there is a mistake on the site either on the price or on the description
if we find that there was a problem with the communication or a technical problem that does not allow us to complete the order.

If after the order we see that we no longer carry this item we are allowed to cancel the order.
Other policies:
We do not take responsibility if there was a problem with the product description.
The pictures are just to see and there may be differences between the pictures and the items that are sold.
We are not responsible to put together or repair things that were purchased on our site.
Any information that is on the website including graphics design, words, logos and their layout are ours alone. You may not copy or advertise or use them in any way you like without asking us first. 

Pictures on the website are for demonstration only.
Prices are in US Dollars according to 4.20Shekels/Dollar.

This policy and any disagreements that may arise from it will follow the law of Israel

The policy was last updated on 1.12.2008 and can be changed at any time under our discretion

Enjoy you're purchasing.

To Place an Order Please Call us on Number: +972-4-8404-111